An interesting story

Subject: An interesting story
From: Kevin Bradley <kbradley -at- MINDSPRING -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 13:46:54 +0100

Attention: Contractors and Freelancers

Here's a story you might find interesting.

I've been freelancing and contracting off and on for nearly seven years.
The pay is good, but I don't like the financial stress that comes with the
down time between assignments. I have a good friend -- his name is Mike --
who, in addition to being my doctor, is very successful in business and is
a remarkable person. During a recent appointment in his office, he grabbed
me by both shoulders, looked at me with that are-you-listening look he has,
and said, "I found an incredible business opportunity. It's the best thing
I've ever seen. You've got to look at this!"

Before I go any further, you need to know a little more about Mike and why
I listen to him for more than just his medical advice. I said he's
successful, but that's like saying King Kong was just a big monkey. In
addition to being a multi-millionaire, he's a remarkable person. Orphaned
with seven sisters, he started his first business (a candy company) when he
was eight years old. Since then, he has owned over 170 businesses. He is
currently on the board of directors or the owner of 13 businesses. He has
degrees in chemistry, biology, nutrition, psychology, theology, and
business. He is an ordained minister, a Master Mason, a member of the
International Toastmasters and the Jaycees, and is currently finishing a
law degree. He has written a book and study guides for students, and is
developing an alternative education system to increase retention while
raising self-esteem. On top of everything else, he's married and has three
children at home. (And you think YOU'RE busy??)

Care to guess how old Mike is? How many years do you think it would take
for someone to accomplish all that? Believe it or not, he's only 41.

Now back to my story. After determining that Mike was not delirious, I
stammered, "Well, what is it?" He asked me if I knew Kevin Trudeau. When I
said I had never heard of the guy, Mike gave me a video tape and said,
"Watch this -- it'll take about 45 minutes -- then call me". Considering
Mikes' experience and business success, if he says something is incredible,
I know it's worth checking out.

I watched the tape, called Mike, and got involved IMMEDIATELY. It is,
without a doubt, the best business decision I've ever made.

Interested? Reply to kbradley -at- mindspring -dot- com for more information.

If you get this message in time, and you happen to be in the Atlanta area,
come to the Trudeau Opportunity Meeting at 10:00 Saturday morning, October
4, at the Holiday Inn on Delk Road just off I-75 (take Exit 111 to Dobbins;
Delk veers to the right, hotel is on the right). You won't regret it.

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