The Magical Subject Line

Subject: The Magical Subject Line
From: "MacDonald, Alexander G. AP" <macdoag -at- HPDAPP03 -dot- HPDAP -dot- MSMAIL -dot- ABBOTT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 14:10:00 DST

I like grammar, I like grammar lots. I write technical words constructed
inside sentence units that explain things to people in a simple way. I use
several tools to complete my job...a word processor, a dictionary, a generic
style manual, my own style manual, technical get the idea. I
subscribe to a list server thingy that puts messages from other people of
similar interest in my mailbox. Sometimes I am very interested in what
these messages say...for example..I am quite obsessed with money and salary
and compensation packages and health insurance; and I also like to read
messages that compare and contrast competing software packages. But
sometimes I read words put together in these messages and I become
disinterested. Later on in my technical writng day, I may see words in the
subject line of a particular mail message that remind me of my disinterest.
I click my little delete button and the mail message goes to wherever
messages that are deleted go. Sometimes I click the delete button a lot. I
don't mind though...the amount of time I spend clicking my little delete
button is negligible compared to the value of the messages in which I read
and save; or read and delete. If someday I find that I am
disporportionately disinterested, I can send a special message somewhere
that stops messages from going into my mailbox. Thank you technical writing
professionals...and please, I do not want to prevent you from writing your
technical if you like, click the delete button. I won't be
offended at all...I probably won't even know.

Alex M.
macdoag -at- interaccess -dot- com

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