Re: Job-Hopping to increase pay

Subject: Re: Job-Hopping to increase pay
From: David Jones <dvjones -at- KSBE -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 11:32:55 +0000

In the old days (all you allergic to nostalgic people may press
delete now!), "job hopping" was seen as a sign of some personal
problem -- the person was hard to get along with, impossible to work
with, engaged in unsavory personal habits/hygiene, suffered some
sort of emotional or mental disorder, consumed excess quantities of
addictive substances, etc, etc. (Gee, sounds like some programmers
I've worked with ... <G>)

In the absence of any real ability to determine such "problems" prior
to hiring, job hopping could be taken as a general indicator.

Another way it could be taken was as a commitment to the self at the
expense of the employers. IOW, you agree to work somewhere, then jump
ship for another job (for whatever reason) -- it calls into question
the hopper's ability to keep commitments.

I think that job hopping (especially in the IS industry) is much more
favorably regarded than it was then. I think it is *not* well
regarded in other industries, such as banking.


On 3 Oct 96 at 22:20, Chris Tonjes wrote:
> Why is this behavior [job hopping] unacceptable? Most programmers do exactly the same
> thing. Indeed, many companies encourage this sort of thing by offering
> recruits big salaries and signing bonuses.

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