Re: Job-Hopping to increase pay

Subject: Re: Job-Hopping to increase pay
From: "Glanbrok, Conqueror of Bluntskulls" <conehead -at- OVERTHE -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 18:58:07 -0400

Matt Danda describes the remuneration he's received in his last three
jobs. However, I am slightly confused about Matt's arithmetic ...

>Pay raise from first job to second: 35%
>Pay raise from second job to third: over 50%
>Overall raise, from first job to third: 2.5 times.

Let's represent Matt's salary at the first job by M.
So the second job paid 1.35M, and the third pays "over" 1.5 times
1.35M, or "over" 2.025M.

Yet Matt claims the third job pays 2.5M. That means the phrase "over
50%" is standing in for "at least 85%".

Not that I begrudge Matt his clever marketing, good fortune, business
acumen, etc., but shouldn't a tech writer be able to describe a couple
of arithmetic ratios more accurately?

George M. Middius
conehead -at- overthe -dot- net

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