getting a handle on illegal filenames

Subject: getting a handle on illegal filenames
From: Mark I Halpern <Mark_Halpern -at- SMTPGATE -dot- TESSERACT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 11:15:13 PST


I'm not sure whether it's appropriate to address this question to a
Tech Writers' discussion group, but at least it's no more
inappropriate than many I've seen, so I'll risk getting my wrist

I have somehow managed to create, using Windows, some illegal file
names -- the File Manager can't display the illegal character(s) in
them, so they appear with one or more blanks when I list the directory
containing them. But I can't do anything with them -- not delete them,
rename them, or anything else, since Windows cannot even find them.

I recall reading somewhere how one deletes or somehow gets control
of such misnamed files, but cannot remember what the magic is, or
where I found it. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks,

mark_halpern -at- tesseract -dot- com

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