Leaving Hi 'n Dry?

Subject: Leaving Hi 'n Dry?
From: "Hilary J. Harris" <hilaryh -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 09:01:43 -0700

In reviewing a contract agreement for work, I'm faced with
a situation that's new for me. Given the professional
expertise of techwhirlers on the list, I'm sure this isn't new
for many of you. Will you kindly share your experience?

Here goes: Typically I've worked as a contractor on an
hourly basis (no benefits, accrue overtime, paid on W-2).
This new work is structured more on a consultancy basis
(1099, daily rate, can turn down assignments, etc). But, it
isn't completely clean. The company fosters the idea of
consultants selling new business for them and running all new work
through the company (consultants are issued business cards as
company reps--may be a little sticky in meeting the 20 IRS
requirements, yes?). Their contract agreement doesn't state
that I MUST run all my new clients through them, but the
president verbally made this operating philosophy clear to
me. So, what I'm struggling with is the 12-month 'no work'
for THEIR clients clause in the company's contract agreement.
I may be very happy with this company and the situation may
never arise. I've worked with some of their consultants in
the past and know that this is a first rate company and I'm
quite pleased with (almost) the whole thing. But, OTOH I'm
uncomfortable with the idea of signing the agreement as is--
there may be weeks (or months!) go by before I could develop
new clients.

So, is this typical? Should it be a concern? What would you do?
I've thought about an addendum to exclude new clients that I sell,
but I'm not sure whether such an addendum is typical or practical let
alone how it would be viewed by the company at this stage.

Help me out Techwhirlers! :-)

If you respond to the list, kindly copy to my e-mail:
hilaryh -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com

Thanx, all.

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