Re: Personal Quality Standards

Subject: Re: Personal Quality Standards
From: Brent Jones <bjones -at- IGS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 14:32:00 PDT

tgr wrote:

> Brent Jones is making an irrational conclusion by saying that Anna would
> have no personal standards if she doesn't bend over backwards to produce
> the best possible manual even though she isn't being paid for it. This is
> an absolutist and moralistic position. She made a mistake about how much
> time it would take to do a first-rate job with the manual. Live and learn.

Yes. *She* made a mistake. Live and learn, of course. But not at the
client's expense. What on earth has the client done to deserve either: a)
getting work that Anna herself has admitted would be substandard or b)
having to pay more than the mutually agreed-upon fee to get quality

> She shouldn't now have to eat her mistake and spend endless unpaid hours
> just to prove to God and the king that she has high standards.

And to herself, of course. Probably the most important person to show. So
the *client* should have to eat her mistake? How on earth can you justify
this position?

> Admit the
> mistake, talk to the client, maybe do a short mock up to give the client
> idea of how much better the writing could be, then do what the client
> to pay for.

The client already knows what it wants to pay for. Good work on the
document. For the flat fee that Anna already agreed to.

> I am sure she has enough outstanding work in her portfolio that even if
> ends up taking the easy way out on this one, she'll have plenty of good
> writing samples to prove her usual high standards.

> Moralists be damned.


bjones -at- igs -dot- com

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