Re: Personal Quality Standards

Subject: Re: Personal Quality Standards
From: Sharon Rosenthal/MANUGISTICS <Sharon_Rosenthal -at- MANU -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 11:20:50 EDT

I was trying to stay out of this argument. But I have a problem with the
flatly stated, "It's her mistake, so she has to eat it." It depends on the
work that Anna originally agreed to do.

It may very well be her mistake. If she agreed to rewrite the document and
make it better in addition to adding the new features, she should have viewed
the document first. Since she didn't, she should eat the time and costs.

However, if she simply agreed to adding the new features and then discovered
that it needed a rewrite, she has an obligation to point out to the project
manager that the document could be made better. Many of you have made great
suggestions as to how she can make suggestions and renegotiate her contract.
The project manager can then say, "Of course we want it to be better. Can you
do it for this amount?" Or she/he can say, "It may not be as well written as
it could be, but we don't have the budget. Just add the new features."

She is not compromising her quality standards if the project manager takes the
latter course. But it all depends on the work she originally agreed to do.
And bravo to all who said, "Talk to the client!"

Just my $.02.

Rockville, Maryland
srosenth @

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