Thanks! RE: Documentation Plan

Subject: Thanks! RE: Documentation Plan
From: Misti Tucker <mdelaney -at- SOFTWARE-SERVICES -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 15:35:52 -0400

To everyone who sent me ideas for things to include in a document plan,
thank you! I've integrated almost all of the ideas and have quite a
comprehensive out line now!

Misti Tucker

Technical Consultant/ Communication Specialist
Software Services Corporation
Ann Arbor, Michigan (800) 448-1568
My opinions do not in any way represent those of my employer.

>From: Anne Halsey[SMTP:AHalsey -at- SystemOne -dot- net]
>Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 1996 2:17 PM
>To: Misti Tucker; TECHWR-L
>Subject: RE: Documentation Plan

>Misti recently asked what belongs in a document

>What I recommend is doing a mental review
>of every doc project you've been involved with, focusing
>on those things which caused you mental or physical
>pain, caused delays in deliverables, added expense,
>or generally made your life hell. Then write your doc
>plan to anticipate and minimize the impact of the
>various evilnesses.

>I typically include the following:

>*A brief, accurate description of the product to be
> documented.

>*A brief description, including intended audience, of
> each document to be developed. Include a priority
> for development.

>*For each document, identification of the following major
> players: document author
> blessor of content outline
> SMEs
> TA reviewers

>*Specification of the tool(s) used to develop the documentation.

>*Specification of how reviews are conducted (on paper, electronically),
> and the amount of time reviewers will be allowed (three working
> days for 1-50 pages, five working days for 51-100 pages ...).
> Also include the "rules" surrounding reviews; some companies,
> for example, will accept non-response as tacit approval; others
> won't.

>*A document development timeline, tied to product development
> milestones.

>*A contract (yes, CONTRACT) to be signed by the major players
> which supplies deliverables and receivables. This contract
> should detail what you need to be supplied with (product
> specs, test plans, access to alpha and beta product, yada-yada)
> and at what intervals (access to alpha software and test bed
> 30 working days before first draft deliverable). It should then
> specify your output (alpha doc, beta doc, yada-yada).

>I'm sure there are other things that can be included, but I
>feel these are the basics.

>Good luck - and don't fear a doc plan. It could end up being
>your best friend.

> Anne Halsey
> ahalsey -at- systemone -dot- net

> ----------
>From: Misti Tucker
>Subject: Documentation Plan
>Date: Wednesday, October 16, 1996 10:30AM

>I'm embarking on a 112 hour documentation project that entails a
>creature >h>h>h document type I've never had to produce before: a
>documentation plan.

>I have some ideas, but in the interest of doing my best, if you could
>share some of your thoughts on what belongs in a document plan, I'd
>appreciate it. Thanks.
>Misti Tucker

>Technical Consultant/ Communication Specialist
>Software Services Corporation
>Ann Arbor, Michigan (800)
>My opinions do not in any way represent those of my employer.

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