Re: Almost over 45 club

Subject: Re: Almost over 45 club
From: Marilynne Smith <mrsmith -at- CTS -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 00:01:16 -0700

At 12:34 PM 10/18/96 -0700, Elna Tymes wrote:
>Sullivan, John wrote:

>> Arghhh! I'll be turning 45 this December -- I didn't realize I'd be
>> facing death so soon!

><chuckle> Welcome to "middle age," my friend. I passed 45 a long time
>> What the heck kind of comment is that? Most of the computer-savvy people
>> I know are over 45 (heaven forbid!). Since when does age have anything to
>> do with ability and knowledge?
>If you look at Microsoft, where the average age of employees is not
>quite 30, and you look at most of the Silicon Valley companies, where
>the average age of people involved in software or hardware development
>is under 35, you realize that the work force in these industries is
>pretty young. When you get outside of the computer business, into
>industries where the computer is just another tool, you have a more even
>age range.

I've met a lot of tech writers in Silicon Valley. They didn't strike me as
all being under 45. You know, one of the curious things about getting
older is that, from your perspective, the number of "young" people (those
younger than you) is always increasing, while the number of "old" people
(those older than you) is always decreasing. So, from my perspective, this
is a very "young" profession. <smile>

I suggest you look around. You'll find there are a few of us still able to
find our feet long enough to tie our shoe laces. <smile>


> It's been my experience with these kinds of companies that the older
>folks (45+) are not as comfortable with computers as the younger folks
> It has also been my observation, both from anecdotal research
>among my friends, and from LOTS of business studies, that people over 45
>are more likely to be caught in downsizing and other forms of informal
This may be true, but I don't think so. Downsizing usually comes in great
big waves and usually affects everyone in the company.

>My comments had nothing whatsoever to do with age being related to
>ability and knowledge.
So, how long have you got before you dry up and blow away?

>Elna Tymes, president
>Los Trancos Systems

Marilynne Smith
mrsmith -at- cts -dot- com

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