Re: Just FYI and Re[2]: Just FYI

Subject: Re: Just FYI and Re[2]: Just FYI
From: Tracy Boyington <trlyboyi -at- GENESIS -dot- ODVTE -dot- STATE -dot- OK -dot- US>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 07:44:20 +0000

> Postings that include things like source references, or pointers on
> software used by tech writers are useful to me.

> Philosphical meanderings about acceptable error levels are not.
> It's a given that the goal is none, and also, that particular
> circumstances along with their particular constraints are an
> influence on whether the goal is attained, or not.

Well, Pat, it was useful to somebody, wasn't it? Discussions about
Frame and Word are absolutely useless to me, but that doesn't mean
they don't belong here.

Anyway, the point is not just whether posts are useful or not.
Do they belong on a list that is supposed to be dedicated to
technical writing issues, or on a list or ng dedicated to those
particular software/hardware/whatever issues?

And another point is the amazing display of rudeness we've been
subjected to lately. It's incredible to me that people will gladly take
advantage of Eric's initiative and hard work, then turn around and
self-righteously call him a Nazi for requesting that they follow the


Tracy Boyington trlyboyi -at- genesis -dot- odvte -dot- state -dot- ok -dot- us
Oklahoma Department of Vocational & Technical Education
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

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