Re: More questions about CGI and imagemaps

Subject: Re: More questions about CGI and imagemaps
From: Kris Olberg <kjolberg -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 18:19:29 -0800

At 04:20 AM 10/28/96 +1100, you wrote:
>1. How do you implement server side imagemaps ? Do you use the CERN, or
>NSCA format?

If you can (I'll qualify this later), use the functionality built into FrontPage. It's very nice.

1. Open your web in Explorer.
2. In the Frontpage editor, open a page from your web.
3. To insert a graphic, select Insert, Image. (If your web site isn't open in Explorer, your graphics will not appear in the ensuing db.
4. Select the graphic (ie., click on it). When you do this, some of the graphics tools on the toolbar become available.
5. Use the rectangle, circle, or polygon tools to outline an area on the graphic.
6. Select the URL to which you want to link that area of the graphic.

Now, the qualification part: you need to have FrontPage server extensions installed on the server, so your ISP must allow you to install these. You should contact your ISP about this. You may have to supply the extensions to them. Side note: if you need extensions for a Windows NT Internet Information Server (IIS) web server, you'll have to download them from ...etc.

>3. How do CGI/PERL scripts work on the web server? I understand they are
>interpreted. Does that mean you need a special program to interpret the
>scripts? If so, where can I get a copy, because I am using MS FrontPage to
>do my web page development at home, and I need to find an interpreter to
>run the CGI/PERL scripts? I am running Windows 95.

Your form (or call) to the CGI script should actually call a batch file that calls the PERL interpreter. I don't have time to supply samples tonight, but maybe tomorrow night. E-mail to remind me to do this for you.

>4. When I get CGI support, does that mean the ISP sets up a special
>directory under my web page address for CGI support? Would I need to
>modify the imagemap program source, recompile it, and put it in that
>directory? Where would the imagemap configuration file go?

The ISP needs to give you (and the general 'net population) the appropriate accesses to a cgi-bin directory. This is where you should store your scripts. This is probably where you should also store your FrontPage server extensions (I think).

>5. A specific MS FrontPage question: As I am using the MS FrontPage and
>personal web server to do my web page development, do I need to set up the
>domain in the server so it exactly matches the web server model> For
>example, do I configure it to have the domain name as

No. You only need to set up the directory (folder) hierarchy as it will appear on the server. If your web "root" directory is c:/windows/inetsrv/~little/ or c:/windows/inetsrv/wwwroot/, you store your main page in that directory. All other pages in the site should be stored in that directory or in subdirectories. The URL to your "home" page will be: Look at the FrontPage online help for help in porting your development files over to your production server. Essentially, all you need to do is copy all folders/files below the web name in c:/frontpage webs/content/. For example, if your web site in Explorer is MikeLittle, copy all files/folders from c:/frontpage webs/content/MikeLittle/ to your production server.

I am writing this very fast--if you need any clarification, let me know. I'll be able to spend more time on Tuesday night on this for your.

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