how to test html documents (was free HTML validation...)

Subject: how to test html documents (was free HTML validation...)
From: John Trollope <John -dot- Trollope -at- TEAM17 -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 12:51:10 +0000

>Thanks for that lead. You can do the same thing even w/o Windows 95. Just go
>to the SGML bibliography at <SNIP>

Or you can just load the page into a browser from your hard drive, which is
how Team 17 tests its pages before making them public.

For internal links within your document, use this format:

<a href="blah.html">The article on blah</a>

If this is in the same directory on your hard drive as your index.html (or
index.htm), then the navigator will load it.

This can also be done with images. Let's imagine that I'm working in a
directory called "garden" (this is actually true although it has nothing to
do with a garden). My images are in c:/garden/images/
<IMG SRC="/images/blah.gif" ALT="picture of blah">

You can use .. (ellipsis minus one) to go down a level. Imagine I am working
on a document in the c:/garden/tutorial/index.html (this is also true). In
this document, I want to use blah.gif.
<IMG SRC="../images/blah.gif" ALT="picture of blah">

With this method, I can completely and completely test my html documents
before putting into them into the public_html directory. If I find a
mistake, a quick alt-tab to my document, make the change, control-s,
alt-tab, control-r, retest.

External links are tested in the same way.

Hope this is of interest.


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