Re: Use Clear Subject Headings

Subject: Re: Use Clear Subject Headings
From: "Tony G. Rocco" <trocco -at- NAVIS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 14:20:01 -0800

A post can be as creative and interesting as the author cares to make it,
as far as I am concerned. I simply want to know what it is about before
reading it. That's the only issue. Creativity is fine *in the post itself,*
but in the heading, I would like explicitness.

- tgr
>>but I for one
>>would rather see much less creative, much more descriptive, i.e., literal,
>>subject headings. Anyone else agree?

> This sounds like a directive from IBM or Pacific Bell. I can feel the
>walls becoming pale and the skies clouding over in a uniform, suppressing
>blanket. Shhhh. Variation Is Not Allowed.
> Anything that injects a little bit of color in life is a good thing.
>Don't we all deal with literal text throughout the day? Can't there be the
>slightest break ever? I think so.

> Besides which, I understood what the messages you quoted were going to be
>like before I double-clicked them. I didn't know specifics, like what the
>person was going to be specifically asking advice about for example--but
>what subject line could have been a literal description and still come in
>under 100 characters?

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