Re: Word 7.0 - mail merge bug???

Subject: Re: Word 7.0 - mail merge bug???
From: Jane Easley <JEasley -at- EAST -dot- DIALOG -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 12:29:00 E

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the responses to my question. My husband figured it out.
There is no bug but there is a change from the previous version and I
could not find anything on it in the online help. (Maybe this was a late
addition to the software.)

A mechanism was added to protect users from overwriting the designated
main document. Once a document is a main document, it cannot be used as a
data source, but you **can** change the document type from "main" to
"data source." If you try to open a data source that has been
accidentally designated as a main document, you get a message saying that
you can't open it as a data source because it is a main document. To fix
this, you have to close out of the Mail Merge Helper dialog and then open
the document you want to change. Select Tools/Mail Merge and at "1 - Main
Document," and then select Create/Restore to Normal Word Document. After
this, you continue as before, designating a main document, a data source,
and finally... the merge.

It seems to me that it a better feature would be to protect the data
source rather than the main document. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks again,

Have you tried copying the document to a new document in separate page
chunks, ie excluding the page breaks and putting page breaks in?
Word usually stores corruptions and a lot of other funky information in
page breaks, and I've saved a corrupted document this way - so it may
with your problem.
Good luck
aedavis -at- ibm -dot- net
(usual disclaimer)
From: Jane Easley
Subject: Word 7.0 - mail merge bug???
Date: 15 November 1996 5:22PM

I have recently moved from Word 6 to Word 7. I have come across a
possible bug using Mail Merge to create labels. I'm wondering if anyone
has a workaround.

This is what happened... I accidentally designated a document as the main
document when I really wanted to use this particular document as the data
source. It seems that once a doc is designated as a main document, there
is no way to use that document as a data source. I have tried renaming
it, saving the file as another name, and other similar gymnastics. I'm
pretty sure this wasn't a problem in Word 6.

Can anyone help?

jeasley -at- apollo -dot- east -dot- dialog -dot- com

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