Where are the Microsoft Language Glossaries?

Subject: Where are the Microsoft Language Glossaries?
From: Alexander Von_obert <avobert -at- TWH -dot- MSN -dot- SUB -dot- ORG>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 14:36:01 +0100

Hello Roslin,

* Antwort auf eine Nachricht von Roslin Bensmann an All am 15.11.96

RB> From: Roslin Bensmann <R -dot- Bensmann -at- LB -dot- TU-BERLIN -dot- DE>

RB> > Could someone please tell me in which directory I can find
RB> the
RB> > Language/Translation glossaries at ftp.microsoft.com. The

RB> ftp.microsoft.com /developr/msdn/newup/glossary

This might help during an FTP session, but watch out for lower and capital
letters: ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/developr/MSDN/NewUp/glossary.

BTW: This week tekom, our national society for technical communicators, had
its fall conference and I held Internet workshops there. It was next to
impossible to get any further than the directory listing. You find all
glossaries in my BBS at FIDO address 2:2490/1719 (phone +49-911-403905). You
can file-request them at up to 28.800 bps which means more that 3 kB/s. You
will get this speed if your modem and your phone link permit it.

The file date in the following list is European standard (dd.mm.yy) and
reflects the date of the newest file in the archive. This means that the file
date at the Microsoft server might be younger than mine for the same archive,
but FTP does not transfer this information.

abstract.zip 1255 19.03.95 13:26 Beschreibung
arabic.zip 172884 20.05.96 11:23 Microsoft-Glossar
br_port.zip 1993687 20.05.96 11:30 Microsoft-Glossar
portugisisch (Brasilien)
catalan.zip 92491 14.02.96 16:56 Microsoft-Glossar
czech.zip 1889923 20.05.96 11:36 Microsoft-Glossar
danish.zip 1557593 20.05.96 11:59 Microsoft-Glossar
dutch.zip 2943084 20.05.96 12:05 Microsoft-Glossar
euport.zip 1571215 20.05.96 12:19 Microsoft-Glossar
portugisisch (Europa)
finnish.zip 3167129 20.05.96 12:38 Microsoft-Glossar
french.zip 2624001 20.05.96 14:41 Microsoft-Glossar
german.zip 2154712 20.05.96 17:25 Microsoft-Glossar
greek.zip 1776515 20.05.96 14:54 Microsoft-Glossar
hebrew.zip 55249 20.05.96 14:58 Microsoft-Glossar
hungary.zip 822355 20.05.96 15:12 Microsoft-Glossar
italian.zip 2671109 20.05.96 16:33 Microsoft-Glossar
japan.zip 520128 20.05.96 16:35 Microsoft-Glossar
korean.zip 463005 20.05.96 16:47 Microsoft-Glossar
msglosrm.zip 1787 16.06.96 12:52 Readme.TXT (Mai 96)
msindex.zip 1927 16.06.96 9:18 Index mit Aenderungshinweisen
(Mai 96)
norway.zip 2911129 20.05.96 17:04 Microsoft-Glossar
polish.zip 1804867 20.05.96 17:21 Microsoft-Glossar
prc.zip 271507 20.05.96 17:36 Microsoft-Glossar Chinesisch
russian.zip 293725 20.05.96 17:42 Microsoft-Glossar
slovenia.zip 425797 20.05.96 17:47 Microsoft-Glossar
spanish.zip 2949151 20.05.96 17:52 Microsoft-Glossar
swedish.zip 2696521 20.05.96 18:11 Microsoft-Glossar
taiwan.zip 1327618 20.05.96 18:17 Microsoft-Glossar
turkish.zip 250839 20.05.96 18:19 Microsoft-Glossar

Promise: I will update these files as soon as possible. This might be on
Christmas when everyone else does anything different from FTP.

If someone at Microsoft reads this:
Sender: normab -at- microsoft -dot- com
From: Norma Bailey <normab -at- microsoft -dot- com>
To: 100115 -dot- 2743 -at- compuserve -dot- com [Richard Schneider]
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 95 17:09:51 PDT
Subject: RE: Microsoft Glossaries

Hi Richard,


I am just concerned that we will have different glossaries in different
servers all around the world and I will not be able to keep track of
what is where. It's OK for you to have the glossaries in your BBS but
please have a readme text together with the glossaries specifying that
they are "a copy of the original glossaries that can be found in the
MSDN Forum on CompuServe and at Microsoft ftp site
(ftp://ftp:ftp.microsoft.com/developr/msdn/newup/glossary) and that
they may not be the latest files available at those two locations".
You might have seen my new announcement today so you'll know there is a
new update up for downloading.
Please, feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions and
do not forget to include the text with the glossaries in your BBS.



Greetings from Germany,

Alexander von Obert, Urbanstr. 2, 90480 Nuernberg, Germany
Free-lance Technical Writer (electronics, software)
Voice +49-911-403903, Fax +49-911-403904, BBS +49-911-403905 (FIDO 2:2490/1719)

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