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Subject: Re: I need a word
From: "Kenneth M. Nuckols" <KNuck -at- BESTBUY -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 09:28:55 -0600

At 03:02 PM 11/15/96 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm the only tech writer in my company, so when I need a word I either call
>writer friends or call on y'all, or both.

>Here's the concept:

>Our software product uses a database.

>When a customer buys the system, we create a record for them in the
>database, then send the system to them. We call this record, to which all
>of the customer's other database records refer, the "customer" record. The
>software calls the customer the "customer."

>Basically, I am trying to find a word that is a catch-all term for company,
>organization, division, region, department... You get the picture.

>I hope this makes sense. I hope even more that one of you has an idea,
>because I have been wracking my brain. Does such a word exist?

>Thanks --



Maybe I'm being oversimplistic, but I can think of several that might work
for you (more or less in order of what you're looking for, I think):

Client, user, puchaser, buyer;

Would any of these work, or is this not on the right track?


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