Re: Male/Female & Killer Terminology

Subject: Re: Male/Female & Killer Terminology
From: "Shalanna (Denise) Weeks" <dgweeks -at- SPDMAIL -dot- SPD -dot- DSCCC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 14:42:48 -0600

> Does anyone remember the term "Politically Correct"?
> Am I the only one on this list who believes that it
> applies to these issues?

Nope; I've tried to say this before, but it didn't "take." Probably
because people are already brainwashed to keep a wild eye out for anything
they can make a big federal case out of and claim it's offensive,
insensitive, sexist, racist, sacreligious, not sacriligious enough, etc.

Political correctness has taken hold of the world by the throat, I think.
It's getting more ridiculous every day. Isn't it strange that my German
great-grandparents and grandparents made it in the world despite all the
anti-German sentiment after the world wars?? I dunno how they did it,
what with all the discrimination. Not to mention the other side of my
family, those Irish of "No Irish Need Apply" folk-song fame. Today,
people will blame their lack of whatever-they-want on anything, including
"oppressive language invented by dead white European males who wanted to
keep everyone else down." Hmm. Now, what can I claim offended me today
(so much that I'm totally incapable of doing anything but shouting about

> (BTW, people, it is not a good thing.) >

It depends on which camp you're in, I think. ;)

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