Re: UNIX help applications?

Subject: Re: UNIX help applications?
From: Kent Dannehl <kdannehl -at- STARFISHSOFTWARE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 11:53:00 -0800


I have been writing help for Unix systems for more than 10 years.
UNIX is an OS with many flavors, e.g. Sun has one, SGI has one, HP has
one and
SCO has one (to name the major players). Additionally there are usually
than one help system on any unix box. For example, Sun now uses
AnswerBook for online
manuals, a help viewer for help and the man command to display reference
manual pages for character based environments. Sun and HP ostensively use
Common Desktop Environment (CDE) which has a Help engine which interprets

SGML coded with a HP invention called HelpTag. SCO codes all of their
in HTML and displays it in a modified form of the Mosaic 2.0 browser. SCO
excellent tools for incorporating any 3rd party help topics into their
main help system.

Manual pages (usually coded in troff) can be added to most UNIX systems.
the api info for each unix flavor.

To see what must be done for your online help, you must first determine
which system(s) you intend to support, and then get the help api
information from that vendor.

kent dannehl

From: SUZANNE PYLE[SMTP:comline -at- STAR -dot- NET]
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 1996 10:24 AM
Subject: UNIX help applications?

Are you familiar with writing online help for UNIX systems? I have
heard of a product (Ask Man Man), but I'm really more familiar with
for windows environment. What about X windows motif? If you have any
suggestions, or places I might look for more info on online help in the
UNIX environment, please let me know!

thanks a bunch,


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