Re: RoboHelp bullets appearing as "n"s

Subject: Re: RoboHelp bullets appearing as "n"s
From: Collin Wong <CBWONG -at- US -dot- ORACLE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 10:18:12 -0800

[...out of lurk mode for my very first post...]

In a couple of recent digests, some folks had trouble with RoboHelp
displaying "n"s instead of bullets. From a senior writer in our group,
here's a workaround:

1. Create a new topic in the offending file.
2. Leave the topic title empty.
3. Ensure that the topic does not have any A or K keywords, or a browse string
(in RoboHelp check the Do not include Topic in Index or Browse String).
4. Enter a unique topic id as per usual.
5. After the topic is created insert something from the Wingding character set
(in Word, do Insert-->Symbol and choose something from the Wingding font).
6. Recompile.

For the curious: There is a bug in the WinHelp compiler's compression
algorithm. Basically, the compression algorithm has a tendency to exclude all
fonts that are not needed to display the text in a particular RTF file. As a
result, it sometimes excludes the Wingding font, which is needed to display
the square bullets we use. So, by inserting one Wingding character in a dummy
topic somewhere in the file, you are forcing the compiler to include the
Wingding font.

HTH, and my apologies if this (or another) solution has already appeared.


Collin Wong
Oracle Corporation
Tools Division Documentation
cbwong -at- us -dot- oracle -dot- com
I ka `olelo ka mana.
In the word there is power.
--Hawaiian proverb

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