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Subject: Re: Advanced Degrees
From: Daniel P Read <danielread -at- JUNO -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 11:01:31 EST

>Just to be a stickler, if demand is up, shouldn't the pay be higher?
>It's basic economics: low supply + high demand = high price
>The fact that we let them pay us low just shows that we are suckers.

I should have been more clear with my statement regarding high demand for
technicians. True, demand is high, but so is supply. Supply is high
because technician (especially Help Desk technician) jobs are usually
entry level, and because turnover is so high on most Help Desks (it's not
a glamorous job). There's an endless legion of people wanting to "break
in," and techs are constantly leaving one desk for another until they get
enough experience to "move up." Thanks for keeping me honest, Matt. :-)

>Of course, universities are NOT vocational schools. Education is far
>more valuable than the dollars and cents you earn upon getting a

>During World War II, England was hard up for cash. Someone suggested
>slashing the budget for the arts. Winston Churchill replied (and I
>misquote) "What do you think we are fighting FOR?" The arts, and
>consequently the study of the arts, gives us a chance to be something
>other than economic units.

I will not deny the value of education for education's sake. Without
intelligent, learned, well-read, etc. people in a society, the society
will suffer--no argument there. But the idea of pursuing education for
the sole purpose of furthering one's career is so often a myth, which, I
think, goes along with your statement that universities are not
vocational schools. But they are often sold that way, especially by
so-called "guidance counselors." The fact is that many employers don't
give a damn about your Masters degree, unless, as I specified in my
original post, you're talking about a medical, scientific, or other field
that *requires* advanced degrees.

New to this mailing list and loving it so far....

Daniel Read
Simon Systems, Inc.
danielread -at- juno -dot- com

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