Re: Re[4]: Killer Language

Subject: Re: Re[4]: Killer Language
From: Matt Ion <soundy -at- NEXTLEVEL -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 15:44:07 -0800

On Thu, 14 Nov 1996 11:32:29 GMT, Iain Harrison wrote:

>Beryl Doane replied:
> male = plug
> female = socket

> Also include a glossary definition which mentions the
> older convention.

>I'm afraid that won't do, Beryl. Look in any electronics
>catalogue, and you'll find male and female plugs, and female and
>male sockets. Generally, the one to use depends on which side the
>power is coming out of.

They can also be used to define the location/mounting of each. Sockets
are generally (but not always) mounted on or in something - a wall, the
back panel of some equipment, etc. A plug is typically on the end of a
cable or wire. Either may be male OR female.

>What on earth is wrong with Male and Female as descriptions? Are
>they hard to understand? Offensive to eunochs? Or are they just
>clear, concise and universally understandable?

That's exactly the problem: they make far too much sense, so somebody
*must* screw them up (now THERE'S a politically-incorrect term!).

Your friend and mine,
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Our immigrants and infidels
They say there is strangeness, too dangerous
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Must rise and save us from ourselves
- Rush, "Witch Hunt"

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