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Subject: how-to screen capture...
From: "Peter Ring, PRC" <prc -at- PIP -dot- DKNET -dot- DK>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 15:33:03 +1

On 3 December Matt Ion wrote

> Beg to differ: unless you taking photographs of the screen, the
> monitor has nothing to do with the quality of the captures. The
> video card itself shouldn't either. Unless you're in XWindows or
> something, a 400x300 pixel window is going to be 400x300 pixels
> whether it's taking up most of a 640x480 screen, or merely a small
> corner of a 1280x1024 screen. Monitor, video card and display
> resolution will certainly affect how the capture *looks* on your
> system, but they should not have any effect on the quality of the
> capture itself.

You are right for windows with a fixed size, for example most dialog

But you are wrong for resizeable windows and full screen windows. If
I want to make a nice screen dump of a full size window, I will get a
640x480 pixels graphic on with a 640x480 screen. And I will get a
1280x1024 pixels graphic from a 1280x1024 screen. Etc.

By the way, I have discovered a special problem when using 1280x1024
screendumps: distortion due to W/H ratio. Look here:

640/480 = 1.3333
800/600 = 1.3333
1024/768 = 1.3333
1280/1024 = 1.25
1600/1200 = 1.3333

Wonder who invented 1280x1024? It should have been 1280x960 if it was
to have the same W/H ratio as the rest of them.

Greetings from Denmark

Peter Ring
PRC (Peter Ring Consultants)
- specialists in user friendly manuals and audits on manuals.
prc -at- pip -dot- dknet -dot- dk
- the "User Friendly Manuals" website with links, bibliography, list
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