Re: DTP Shootout

Subject: Re: DTP Shootout
From: byfield -at- DIRECT -dot- CA
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 11:15:54 -0800

Christie Christopherson wrote:

>WordPerfect is definitely still on the market and is my #1 choice for
>word processing and DTP.

>FYI--Corel Corp. now owns the WordPerfect product and has improved it
>and marketed it since purchasing it from Novell. Perhaps they haven't
>quite marketed it enough if users aren't sure the product still exists.
>Corel Office 7 (Professional Edition) has nearly everything a freelance
>editor would want. I also own Microsoft Office for the sake of some of
>my clients, but if I want to be productive and efficient, I don't use

To generalize wildly, in my experience, WP is preferred by people who
write short documents, such as office letters, or simple ones, such as
magazine articles, that don't need a lot of formatting.

When I was doing this kind of work, WP was my word processor of choice
(now I have seven on the computer because I can't trust translation
filters). Now, when I use it, my biggest complaint is that its
implementation of styles is less convenient than Word's or Frame's.

On the other hand, Corel's new version is full of add-ons, and is
very aggressively priced ($29 Canadian for an academic version, and
about $100 for the regular). The one drawback is that a full install
is about 65 megs, and a minimal 29, although it can be run off the CD.

Bruce Byfield (byfield -at- direct -dot- ca)
Burnaby, BC, Canada
(604) 421-7189

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