Apology to the list re tempermant survey

Subject: Apology to the list re tempermant survey
From: TIMMERMAN <timmerma -at- IPDLINK -dot- IPD -dot- ANL -dot- GOV>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 08:55:23 CST

Hi All,

I have been informed that this same survey was conducted a few months
ago and the result is in the archive:


I apologize for not checking the archive before posting to the list.
A good lesson for me to learn but a hard way to learn it. I can
remember the days when my memory was almost photographic (well maybe
not that good). I guess the greater my age, the less I remember. I
hope this change is the result of unconscious choice and not biology.
One of the responses I received follows and I include it here to
remind us not to take the result of the Keirsey Tempermant Sorter to

"I have a degree in Psychology and, while I was studying, I
concentrated largely on personality (the subject of my thesis). This
test is almost complete nonsense - the principles upon which it is
based (which are sound) have been dramatically warped, and it has been
so badly constructed that it's usefulness is severely damaged. And I
won't comment on the horribly biased commentary you get at the end!

It's a good job this test has been put up as a bit of fun - I'd hate
to think that anyone took any real notice of the results, and basing
any decisions upon those results could be disastrous. Having said
that, it'd be interesting to see how other members of the list come
out of it!"


Don Timmerman
Sr. Tech Writer
Argonne National Laboratory

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