JOKE: How Many TECHWR-Lers does it take?

Subject: JOKE: How Many TECHWR-Lers does it take?
From: Steve Fouts <stefou -at- ESKIMO -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 09:50:43 -0800

Happy New Year!

I found this joke on another news group, but personalized it for us.
Just seemed to be a good way to start the year.

Q: How many TECHWR-Lers does it take to change a light bulb:
A: 8,546
1 to change the bulb
4 to tell her/him s/he should have done it differently
12 to tell me to recast the previous line to avoid the her/him s/he
22 to point out the spelling/grammar errors in the first five posts
75 to flame the spell checkers and grammar flames
27 to correct spelling and grammar in spelling and grammar flames
102 to say please move to alt.spelling.lite.bulb or SPELLITE-L
235 to endlessly debate whether it could have been done with a
Word macro
482 to say that Frame changes light bulbs better than Word (Oh sure,
if it's a simple incandescent, but some of us have halogen!)
1,105 to debate whether light bulb changers need to be certified
2,024 to debate whether you need a degree to change a light bulb
1 from Eric to ask that the discussion be taken off line before it
takes the server down
3,404 to flame Eric since we can't possibly write technical
documents in the dark, so how can it be off topic?
1,052 assorted "Me Too," "Go Grrrl!" and "What he said!" posts

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