Re: MS WORD: Show Outline Numbers in Header / Footer???

Subject: Re: MS WORD: Show Outline Numbers in Header / Footer???
From: ron <ronk -at- PLANET -dot- HO -dot- ATT -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 15:35:45 GMT

tomh -at- execpc -dot- com (Tom Hansen) wrote:
>Show Outline Numbers in Header / Footer???
>I have constructed an outline-oriented document, using Outline View.
>Further, I have used the {AUTONUMOUT} field to number all the headings
>in Outline format, so that all the "Heading 1" paragraphs are numbered
>I, II, III, etc, and the "Heading 2"'s within the "Heading 1"'s are
>numbered A, B, C, etc.
>It all works great, EXCEPT that I'd like to place a reference to the
>current "Heading 1" in the Header of each page.
>So, I placed a {STYLEREF "Heading 1"} field in the header, and, sure
>enough, the text from the current "Heading 1" appears in the header.
>EXCEPT, that the contents of the {AUTONUMOUT} field is NOT THERE!!!
>This is very important that it is there, so I know where I am in my
>big outline on each page.
>I tried the {STYLEREF "Heading 1" \n} but that just evaluates to a "0"
>all the time.
>Does anyone out there have a clue as to what I can do here??

I'm afraid you can't get there from here. At least not easily. The
Header/Footer info remains constant within a section (except for the page
number) so the only way to get Word to cooperate without a lot of fuss is to
make each page its own section which takes a lot of work or a macro and you
would have a problem if you decided to make a change after doing the
Header/Footer/Section stuff and the thing had to be repaginated.

A similar thing came up several months ago where a man wanted to put Secret or
Unclassified in his header depending upon some info on that particular page.
Don't think he found an answer either.

I think I could write a macro which could make each page a section and put
whatever you wanted in the Header. Then a second macro to undo it in case you
had to repaginate but I'm thinking the process would be too much trouble for
what you want it to do.


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