Re: Platform of choice

Subject: Re: Platform of choice
From: Mitch Berg <mberg -at- IS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 12:05:06 -0600

Wing, Michael J wrote:
> >I believe a majority of people use Windows for two reasons: they have to
> >or they have to...[snip]...
> >
> >Most of us use Windows because everyone else uses it. No other reason.
> >It's a vicious circle.
> I very much resent the implications in the above statements. I, for
> one, choose the windows platforms. No apologies here...[snip]...
> Many Tech Writers seem to view the platforms through the blinders of
> word processing and graphics...[snip]...The
> same goes for integrating other objects into a word processor. If you
> are writing a manual for mechanical design software and you want to use
> an actual design file, drop the design right into the word processor...[snip]...Same with
> working the text in the design package. To my knowledge, other
> platforms don't behave this way. (By the way, you need an
> object-oriented WP such as Word; I don't think Frame supports active X
> controls).

First, Frame IS Object-Oriented. Second, none of this depends on
ActiveX - the NeXT OS has had this capability - FOR TEN YEARS (or at
least since 1989)! Furthermore, it's not particularly far removed from
OLE2, which is supported by many, many systems.
> Automation allows the Window's user to develop their own package. They
> can actually write a VB program that incorporates selected graphics
> functions, word-processing functions, spreadsheet functions, and so
> forth. They can create and customize an interface that seamlessly
> processes the data between these functions.

First, NONE of this is specific to Windows. I can do this in NeXTStep
(in fact, using OpenStep, I can do it FOR windows!), or MacOS.
Furthermore, it's not particularly simple in any of the Opsystems.
> The trend is to package software by functionality...[snip]...Windows is well positioned to allow the user
> to upgrade functions without removing and replacing the whole package...[snip]...

Again, technologies pioneered by NeXT, and implemented in other OS's
loooooong before Windows.
> I do care. That's why I buy Windows.

I'm not particularly dogmatic about it - my home box uses Win95. But
EVERY "groundbreaking" feature in Windows was implemented first in
either NeXTStep, OS/2 or MacOS. ActiveX? Gimme a break, they
piggybacked on work that Sun's been doing for most of the decade!

Viva NeXT!

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