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Subject: Re: Interview questions
From: d r <writeagain -at- JUNO -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 16:16:11 EST

>From my experience, both as being asked that question and also for
working at the employment director's end -- find something to say in
answer to that question. You have to realize that they realize that who
knows where any one will be in 5 years, so all that they are really after
is what you are saying NOW about your goals, and your attitude. I had to
learn the hard way by first being very honest and saying "who knows" or
something simple like "well, I hope I'll be..." to really researching the
place where you feel you might be asked this question and then responding
to it based upon the information you have gathered coupled with the fact
that 5 years from now you would still like to be in their employ. Now,
the next part is a guessing game of sorts. You need to determine if they
want you to say that you are a person who will stay in that
department/position or if you want to be up the corporate ladder by then.
If you can, when you get the interview, attempt to steer the questions.
This is a little tougher and not all potential bosses will like that
idea, but some will see it as -- that you are a take charge person -- in
other words, while you are being interviewed, try to learn from the
interviewer what type of person they are looking for and then answer the
questions the way you think a person with THEIR QUALIFICATIONS will

Yeah, I's alot of work but if you really want the job...

Hope this helps.

writeagain -at- juno -dot- com
On Sun, 16 Feb 1997 13:55:58 -0500 Megan Elizabeth Mc Macken
<S1057984 -at- CEDARNET -dot- CEDARVILLE -dot- EDU> writes:
>Greetings, everyone!
>I'm going to graduate in June, so I'm starting to look for job
>openings and
>prepare for job interviews. It seems that one of the favorite
>questions of
>all interviewers is, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Where do
>people get the idea that that's a good interview question? I'm just
>finishing college, and I really have no idea where I'll be in five
>I haven't had a real technical writing job yet, so I'm after a job
>I'll have a chance to get some solid experience in the technical
>field. My first job will greatly influence my goals for five years
>How have the rest of you responded to this type of question in an
>interview? I want to be ethical and as honest as possible, but I feel
>I'll come across poorly if I tell them, "You know, I honestly have no
>where I'll be in five years. I could make all sorts of plans and set
>number of goals, but those things could be changed in a day by
>circumstances beyond my control."
>Suggestions? Advice? Personal experience?
>Megan E. McMacken, technical writer
>"The more the words, the less the meaning, and how does that profit
>anyone?" --Ecclesiastes 6:11
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