Re: Forget about resumes?

Subject: Re: Forget about resumes?
From: Tim Altom <taltom -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 15:36:42 -0600

At 01:23 PM 2/21/97 -0600, you wrote:

> However, Tim overstated his point a bit. What about when
> you're moving to a new city or country? Techwhirlers know
> something about me from my frequent posts (plus a few
> articles I've written), but I don't have any networking
> contacts in Redmond (Wash.), Austin (Texas), or Cupertino
> (Cal.)... and forget about Europe and Asia. I don't have
> much prospect of getting any contacts there either, given
> my travel budget. (I will attend every STC conference I can
> afford--hope to see some of you in Toronto!--but that's not
> the optimum solution because it's infrequent.) If I choose
> to relocate to any of these places, a resume is pretty much
> my only entree into the job market.

Actually, I didn't overstate, but I did ignore the problem of relocation. I
agree, in that case you either start networking furiously by long distance,
or you dig out the resume. But you might be surprised who knows whom; your
current contacts might have contacts there that can help you out, putting
you in touch with movers and shakers. It's second and third-hand, but it's
better than total unfamiliarity.

My point here is that the resume is always and forever second best and it
almost never nets a truly plum job. If you're forced back into it, then you
have no choice. Or if you're being ordered to submit one by the powers that
be (or wish they were). I just believe in targeted marketing, rather than
broadside salvoes. It's the same reason why we've stoutly resisted printing
a brochure for Simply Written. The ROI on them is so low that it's not worth
our time and attention. When somebody asks for a brochure to take to "a
higher authority" we immediately offer to meet with the higher authority
too. I'd suggest the same offer for a resume-toting job seeker. If the
"higher authority" wants a checklist of your past accomplishments but won't
meet with you (or your contact doesn't want you to) then I'd worry about the
company that I'm approaching.

Tim Altom
Vice President, Simply Written, Inc.
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