Re: Lying, part 2 (long and moralistic)

Subject: Re: Lying, part 2 (long and moralistic)
From: Don Smith <dsmith -at- ACCESSBEYOND -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 09:23:48 EST

Carolyn Haley wrote in part:

"I'm hoping that my description and disclaimer were enough to persuade
any potential employers that I'm strong enough to look temptation in
the face and defy it. Also, I am willing to accept consequences for my

This, I've discovered, is a dying trait. Fear seems to rule the
workplace. More times than I can count, people have failed to speak or
act when they could have, so problems have gotten worse instead of
better. The only reason for nonaction was fear . . . fear for one's
position, fear of another person's opinion, fear of damaged
reputation, fear of future punishment in the form of denied privilege
or promotion, fear of <fill in the blank>."

Dying, yes, *but* not dead! I share your feelings. I too find that
after discussions with others about something wrong, unfairness to
someone in the company, some thing that is detrimental to the company
or product that needs to be fixed, when you get to the bottom line,
there I stand all by myself and strangely, no one will say anthing.
Soooooo, I become the "troublemaker".

I share your feeling about being willing to accept the responsiblity
for what you do. Everyone demands "their rights", but how many are
willing to accept the responsiblity for what the say and their
actions? :Yes Carolyn, I agree with doing what is right, because it is
the right thing to do. There is a reward for that, even at the risk of
a job, or the possibility of not getting the next job. That reward is
self respect. This reward becomes more important as you age. Young
writers, please take my word for this.

Thanks for your comments, Carolyn. There are more writers on this list
that feel this way. Trust me.

I go back to "shuttin' up".


Don Smith

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