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Subject: fwd: What's new with NetHelp
From: Bill Bledsoe <Bill -dot- Bledsoe -at- CMS-STL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 15:03:03 -0600


I'd cc'd in the NetHelp team at Netscape yesterday about our discussion
on HTMLHelp vs. NetHelp. They wrote me back... and after clearing it
with them.. I thought I'd share their response with the list.

Happy reading!

Netscape NetHelp Team wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Thanks for your message. Yes, we haven't been doing that much marketing--we
> probably should do more. That probably stems from NetHelp's roots in the
> Tech Pubs dept. here--our team's pubs folks/engineers/usability people at
> heart, not salespeople, and as such haven't been pitching NetHelp as much as
> we could. But, we like to think that helps us understand what needs to be
> done a little better, and be closer to the folks that use and author NetHelp.
> We are trying to get out to some Technical Communications/Web conferences to
> share our progress. We're giving a seminar at the next Help University
> conference in April, and will be at the STC Annual Conference in May.
> We'll also update the SDK and our external site soon with more information.
> As for what's new, here's the major happenings (basically, bullets from a
> presentation we gave a couple of weeks ago). Most of these are being built
> into/for Netscape Communicator, and so won't be available on older Navigator
> versions. However, we are testing the ToC/Index bits in Nav 3.0. These
> guys are either done now or will ship with Communicator.
> nethelp: URL designator
> Provides an easy way to call NetHelp from HTML, Java,
> JavaScript, or native applications
> Allows Web-based NetHelp to use the project file parser
> built into Navigator
> Table of Contents
> Expanding/collapsing ToC
> ToC updates as you navigate through the help content, so
> you always know "where am I?"
> Keyword Index tools
> Author-defined index markers in HTML content
> Index generator scans through content files and makes
> the index
> Index displays keywords
> JavaScript Button Control
> Easy way to make "real" buttons in JavaScript
> HTML Layers and Absolute Positioning
> Stack layers of HTML
> Place blocks of HTML exactly where you want them
> Provides popup windows, animated blocks of text or
> graphics, and translucent overlays
> Added authoring tool support
> ForeFront
> GuideWorks
> JavaScript Style Sheets
> allows text formatting "on the fly"
> works with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS1)
> Text Find function
> Find text string within help content frame
> Print function
> Print HTML within help content frame
> Secondary Windows
> author-definable
> Updated NetHelp SDK
> And here's the bullets from the "Coming Real Soon" slide:
> Futures:
> Java API to NetHelp
> allow Java applets/applications to call NetHelp
> truly cross-platform application deployment
> Full-text Search
> Improved Table of Contents, Index tools
> Improved content authoring
> Compilation/Compression...
> Hope this helps,
> The NetHelp team.
> ======================================================================
> Netscape HTML Help Team
> nethelp -at- netscape -dot- com

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