Re: Getting the programmers to come to you

Subject: Re: Getting the programmers to come to you
From: Bob Morrisette <Robert -dot- Morrisette -at- EBAY -dot- SUN -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 16:03:51 -0800

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> Subject: Re: Getting the programmers to come to you
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> David Castro wrote:
> > Let me put it this way...are you likely to change the way programmers do
> > things? Most likely not. So, when you can't change the situation, adapt!
> I had responded privately to the original poster at great length. I'd like to share one portion of
> my reply with the list.
> In time, I see the situation changing. It used to be that programmers (especially the good ones) were
> hard to come by. That is why they got preferential treatment. Now, more and more people enter the
> programming profession every day. We don't yet have enough programmers to meet all the job openings,
> but I foresee a time when there will be a glut on the market. When that happens, things will even out.
> --- John Bell
> jbell -at- paragren -dot- com

The US Department of education sees things a little differently.
Degrees awarded in Computer Science have fallen 42 percent since
1986, the peak year. Engineering degrees have fallen 18 percent.
Programmers are in greater demand than ever and with increasing
demand and a decreasing supply of new blood, programmers should
do very well in the foreseeable future. We have hundreds of
programmer openings. For every X programmers hired as new head
count, there are usually X technical writers hired.

Bob Morrisette
writer -at- sabu -dot- EBay -dot- sun -dot- com

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