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Subject: Re: JavaScript -Reply
From: Bill Bledsoe <Bill -dot- Bledsoe -at- CMS-STL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 10:10:57 -0600


Ackkkk!!! How many companies are really turning off the JS abilities in
their browsers???? Since most companies are rolling out browsers
without true internet access anyway (Virtual Private Network-based intra
and extranets are the big reasons people at big companies are now
getting Netscape and MSIE on their desk) and since there are a host of
wonderfully productive things you can do with JavaScript for intranet
applications... I question that turning off the JS capabilities is that

Our findings have been the opposite: Most folks don't even know that
you can turn it off, let alone actually take the time to do it. I'd love
to tell you how we've found this out... but then I'd have to shoot you
;-) Believe me... they've got JS abilities turned on...

Also, don't confuse the security risks involved in actual Java
executables vs. the interpreted JavaScript... JavaScript is very safe...
it can't act on your hard disk... and can only act on your display...
heck even Java can only play in the "sandbox" on your hard disk... Only
ActiveX has the distinct honor of being able to write to your hard disk
and access the OS on Windows machines....

While I do agree with your premise that one can design a very usable web
site without JavaScript and the <BLINK> tag, don't make it sound like if
you use JS, no one will see the results of your work, or that it should
be associated with the security concerns of the ActiveX or Java
executables... that simply is not the case.

By the way... want to see a useful JavaScript implementation? Check out
Ben Weisner's web site <> with your Netscape
browser (you folks with MSIE will get routed to an ActiveX version of
the same thing I believe...correct me if I'm wrong on this Ben) where
you'll see a expanding and collapsing TOC for his site. It is very
useful in my humble and worthless opinion...

Also... to the earlier person who mumbled something about only the
latest browsers being able to use it... hey folks, check it out...
people use Netscape and MSIE. There a few folks still using the online
services browsers (AOL, etc.) but by and large... the world's using the
two biggies... at least that's what the more objective "ratings
services" say. Food for thought when thinking whether or not to put
that "advanced browser" feature in the ol' public web site.

Walker, Arlen P wrote:
> There's another downside. A lot folks, myself included, disable JavaScript
> in their browsers. Call me paranoid, but it's just too easy for an
> unscrupulous webmaster to abuse.
> I know of several companies who insist that all browsers have JS (and even
> Java support) disabled.
> So, if you're prepared to exclude a lot of corporate users go ahead and use
> JS. So far, it doesn't seem that I've missed much of anything except cutesy
> time-wasting graphics without it. Good web design doesn't need JS.
> Have fun,
> Arlen
> Chief Managing Director In Charge, Department of Redundancy Department
> DNRC 224
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> In God we trust; all others must provide data.
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Arlen, still one of thebest sigs ever on the net!!!! <Second only of
course to the master, Dick Dimock ;-) >

Bill Bledsoe
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