Re: Re[2]: slamming

Subject: Re: Re[2]: slamming
From: "Eric J. Ray" <ejray -at- RAYCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 11:27:33 -0700

With reference to "slamming", I'd like to add to Arlen's comments:

At 08:44 AM 3/27/97 -0500, Walker, Arlen P wrote:
>Let me perform an experiment, with the list's kind assistance. From now
>until the end of April, if any one of you feels some "slamming" is going on
>here, send me (privately) a copy of the offending post, indicating who is
>the slammer and who is the slammee. I'll evaluate and tabulate and post the
>results, naming no names. It would help if you'd begin the subject line
>with "slam:" but I can cope with it if you don't.
>My expectation is that we'll see that it happens far less often than some
>of you seem to think it does.

If anyone has a complaint about either content or form
in messages sent to the list, please also forward them to
me. If appropriate, I'll comment to the offender. (If I think
you need to lighten up, I'll say so.)

My take on "slamming":
Slam? "Joe said that I was wrong."
Listowner Comment: Quit complaining and deal with it.
Verdict: No slam.

Slam? "Joe said that was the stupidest idea he'd ever heard."
Listowner Comment: Joe isn't very tactful, but he does have a way
with words, doesn't he? At least he addressed your comments
Verdict: No slam.

Slam? "Joe said that I'm the stupidest poster on the whole list --
of all 2500 people."
Listowner Comment: Yup, Joe crossed the line. Rather than addressing
issues, that's a personal attack. I'll warn Joe, and if the comments
persist, I'll punt him from the list.
Verdict: Slam.

As a whole, I don't think that the tone of TECHWR-L is
particularly rude -- but I'm pretty thick-skinned anyway.
However, I also want people on the list to feel comfortable.

Complain to me if warranted.


Eric J. Ray ejray -at- raycomm -dot- com
TECHWR-L Listowner

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