novelists part II

Subject: novelists part II
From: Doreen Mannion <DoreenM520 -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 22:16:49 -0500

The quotes are purposely anonymous.

<<Yow! I get this attitude from some engineers, but have never seen it put
quite so blatantly from a colleague on this list. I'd be interested in
learning why being "vested in their words" is a negative attribute for a
writer! >>

Because a tech writer who cannot tolerate being edited is a tech writer I
cannot afford to have on my staff. As one poster so thoughtfully stated,
being vested is probably a trait more common in beginning writers. And, it's
strange, but I actually consider engineers my colleagues....

<<If you eliminate all tech writers who want to also write novels and all
tech writers who were English majors, then yes, I think you probably have
passed up some terrific tech writers. When you overgeneralize, especially
based on such spurious criteria, then you really do shoot yourself in the

You, and many others, are guilty of "select reading" of my original post. I
stated that "all other things being equal" I tend not to hire people who
would rather write novels or who were English majors. I never said I
"eliminate all tech writers who want to also write novels and all tech
writers who were English majors." A hiring manager has to make tradeoffs. And
if a hiring manager has found a formula that works, hey, "if it ain't
broke...." I'll put my staff of non-novelist, non-English majors up against
any in the country.

I love it when people jump to flame before reading! As for your accusation
that I am "flame baiting," quite frankly, I have better things to do with my
time. It is amusing when a reader not only cannot correctly interpret what is
written, but then has to project a motive onto the writing as well.

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