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From: "Richard A. Wrye" <rwrye -at- GATE -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 16:37:45 -0500

I would say that if a prospective employee gives you a cover letter or
resume with an URL onit, then they are expecting you to visit their Web
page. Why else would someone post a resume on a Web page? The
information shouldn't be considered private because they provided you
with the URL!!

Should a hiring manager not be allowed to call the phone number on the
resume or cover letter, either? Or the phone numbers of references? Of
course you can.

Granted, when you look at the Web page, you should consider whether the
person is claiming to be an experienced Web designer and experienced
with HTML. If so, then the usability and design of the page could be
taken into account if you need someone with those skills. But, if they
do not claim to have HTML experience, this could be their first attempt
into the medium and should be looked at for resume content only.

The privacy issue is moot. I am posting this to a list. Therefore, I
know it will be read by several people. If I post job info and an URL to
my resume, I am, in effect, granting people the right to check it out.
Richard Wrye
rwrye -at- gate -dot- net
ALLTEL Information Services
Jacksonville, FL

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> Howdy stcmgmtpic-l members!
> Brother, I started a big war on the techwr-l list, and while I'm not looking
> for the opportunity to duplicate it here, I am interested in experiences,
> opinions, etc.
> The issue came up that some hiring managers search the internet looking for
> places where potential hires have posted. Other hiring managers, if the
> candidate has given a URL on a resume or cover letter, feel free to look over
> that web site.
> In either instance, there are obvious legal implications. I look at the URL
> if the person gives one, not for content, but for design and usability (e.g.,
> do the links work?). I don't always do this, because I don't always have the
> time.
> Is the information a person lists on their web page or posts to a newsgroup
> private, as some on the techwr-l contend? Would you ever search the net in
> this manner, or check out someone's URL? Have their already been lawsuits
> because someone who was not hired contends information provided on their web
> site is what prevented their hire?
> thanks,
> doreen
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