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Subject: Re: Numbered Heradings in Word
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Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 18:27:07 -0400

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<< We want headings for our current document in the form:

Section 1.0: Introdution
1.1: Text
1.2: More text
Section 2.0: Still more text
2.1: Yet again more text
You didn't say what product you're doing this in. If it's Word, you could
assign the appropriate heading style (Heading 1, Heading 2) to each level,
then format it further using the 'Heading Styles' option under the FORMAT

Or, for somewhat more control (but with more effort) you can use sequence
fields [SEQ item_name]. So you'd create one sequence using the label (for
example) 'Section', another for labelled 'Sub-section'.

There are all kinds of nuances to this (described in Help) and I don't want
to go too deep into it if you're not in fact using Word. If you are,
somewhere I have a guide to these I wrote up for a project. I can dig it out
and forward it to you.

Also, just organizationally, I don't believe you need the '.0' for the top
levels. I'd put:

Section 1
1.1 Text
1.2 More text
1.2.a notes about more text
1.2.b more notes

With 'Show Field Codes' switched on, this would look something like:

Section {SEQ section}
{SEQ section \c}.{SEQ sub_section}
{SEQ section \c}.{SEQ sub_section}
{SEQ section \c}.{SEQ sub_section \c}.{SEQ sub_sub_section}
{SEQ section \c}.{SEQ sub_section \c}.{SEQ sub_sub_section}

'\c' picks up the value of the last SEQ field with the same label without
incrementing it. There's another parameter to make the result come out
alphabetically (for the third level), but I can't remember it off-hand.

If the document is not going to be maintained by professional TW's, you might
just go ahead and use manually typed numbers. It's more laborious, but more

Jim C.
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