Re: Half Day Interview

Subject: Re: Half Day Interview
From: Buck & Tilly Buchanan <writer -at- DHC -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 14:40:16 -0500

> A potential employer of mine said they would like me to spend "at least
> a half a day" with them for an interview.

Applicants must be careful not to alienate *ALL* the employers,

An employer who spends a half day on each interview is searching
desperately for a reason not to hire you--probably for C-Y-A reasons.
Your chances of being hired after an interview like that are practically

My three years in the Air Force were spent in Electronic Intelligence.
Upon discharge, the CIA called me and asked me to come up for an
interview. Oh great! I was 19 (went in at 16) and what could be better
than being a SPY for my country? It wasn't exactly spying, sort of like
listening to the radio all day and reporting what I heard.

Well, after two days in interviews, (remember, I had just spent three
years doing exactly what they wanted me to do on the new job, and it had
taken the FBI six months to investigate me before I was placed in the
Air Force Security Service) a four-hour polygraph exam, that included
questions such as, "did you ever have sex with an animal" and other
degrading and insulting conversations, I told them they could take their
*SPY* job and shove it "where the Sun don't shine!"

Best decision I ever made. Since that day in 1951, I have never been
unemployed for more than two weeks at one time, so the decision didn't
ruin my life.

You gotta do what you gotta do and the need for an immediate job rears
its ugly head when making your decision. But, we have rights too.
Perhaps when we techwhirlers finally get around to compiling the list of
employers, good and bad, that company should be listed as "requiring a
half-day interview."

Would other members call that GOOD or BAD?

Buck Buchanan
writer -at- dhc -dot- net
Arlington, TX

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