Age discrimination

Subject: Age discrimination
From: Ann Sweeney <sweeney -at- CINTERACTIVE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 13:38:54 -0400

How old you are is none of anyone's business. As an in-house recruiter, I
have seen many resumes both with and without dates (of all sorts, inclusive
to graduation) and believe that although this matter is an issue of personal
style that there is no reason for their inclusion.

On the sneaky questions front, the questions that Bob cited are both
illegal. A potential employer is not allowed to ask age-related questions,
nor are they allowed to inquire about marital or dependent status. It can
be tricky handling these questions in an interview situation, but you can
always say something like "I appreciate your interest, but I prefer not to
discuss my personal life in the context of a business interview."

Buck, you do not have to provide an potential employer with your SS and
driver's license unless someone is asking you for proof of citizenship.
(These documents can be used by HR departments as alternatives to supplying
a passport.) This should be required only after you have been offered the
job, or if citizenship, etc., is a prerequisite of your candidacy.

I hope this helps.

Good luck,


>If an employer has to ask when you graduated high school/college, it
>must not be stated on the resume. Is it now preferable to leave
>graduation dates off the resume?
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>>> Joanne Greene wrote:
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>>> > That seemed like age discrimination to me.
>>> The sneaky way they find out your age nowadays is "Please fax us a copy
>>> of your SS card and driver's license.
>>> Buck Buchanan
>>> writer -at- dhc -dot- net
>>> Arlington, TX
>>Other sneaky questions I've encountered are:
>>"When did you graduate from high school?"
>>"How old are your children?"
>>A publications manager once told me on the telephone while scheduling
>>an interview, "Most of the people applying are old geezers." I'll never
>>forget her expression when I walked into her office for an interview.
>>There is lots of age discrimination out there, but hiring managers still
>>exist who want performance above anything else.
>>Bob Morrisette
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