Work Attitudes/Age Discr/SATs/Education

Subject: Work Attitudes/Age Discr/SATs/Education
From: Dan BRINEGAR <vr2link -at- VR2LINK -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 10:58:55 -0700

At the risk of making some broad generalizations here, I'd like to ask the
list how they feel about *where* they work and the "environment" they work
in... This is a serious question on my part, no offense is intended toward
anyone <smile>.

I seem to notice a lot of job postings and want-ads that specify a certain
level of academic achievement, types of experience, or "attitudinal"
buzzwords that set alarms ringing in my head and raise my blood pressure.
But I wonder if *I* were to post a want-ad (yeah, right) or when I'm
talking about the things that matter to me if I set alarms ringing that
raise *YOUR* blood pressure.... <grin>

When someone talks (me, f'rinstance) about "The Mission" or insist on
passion and principles in the things techwriters do and why they do them,
do you think "cult?" <grin>

When someone shares a military anecdote that they think addresses a similar
situation in the techwriting world, do you flash-back to _Apocalypse Now_
and _The Boys in Company 'C'_? <tremble>

If someone suggests "ignoring your job description" or quotes Robert A.
Heinlein on "Duty" or "Ecumenical Libertarianism" (which probably violates
the provisions of the Communications Decency Act of 1996), do you scream
"*NERD*!!!!!!!" ???

I notice that the recent discussions of SAT scores, education on resumes
and so on got me thinking about this, and reflecting on the first week at
my latest job...

I normally would avoid-at-all-costs a company that asked for test scores,
or wanted certain academic achievements... I never took an SAT, don't have
(or really want) any kind of university-level degree -- I've been busy
soldiering or working when the others in my age group were getting their
MBAs, "finding themselves," reliving the big touchdown or driving their
fathers' businesses into the ground... I learned thru cruel experience
that I don't get along all that well with the frat-boys, and couldn't
participate in a bull-session about NCAA playoffs to save my life...

I normally avoid want-ads that require an MIS degree, or say, COBOL and IBM
390 experience, 'cos those scream "Big-Iron Bureaucracy" to me... I'd feel
bored, constrained, and frustrated in a very short time at such a place...

I thought I wouldn't mind too much working at this latest job (not the
java-job) where everyone is (like me) former military, and the atmosphere
is just like "The Real Army," (which is not what you see in movies, or
might have experienced in basic training for your reserve enlistment; 'cos
most of military-life is pretty dull, and nobody yells or gets very excited
about anything...)

... and I find myself missing working-with-other-nerds, who can be
passionate about what they do, are fascinated by the things they do,
excited when they find something new, and (when they're at their best)
really thrilled when they know that not only are they impressing their
customers, they're excited about helping their customers get things


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