ADMIN: Re: Agencies-response

Subject: ADMIN: Re: Agencies-response
From: "Eric J. Ray" <ejray -at- RAYCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 09:34:36 -0600

techwriter -at- prescienttech -dot- com wrote:
>I certainly tested the waters with that posting, eh?

Read on for what the waters say ...

>... we also need a forum to frankly express
>our opinions and experiences. The list is for *US* -- and none of us
>should have to fear "black-listing"by potential employers for posting frank
>opinions on this list. It's a wonderful added bonus if a would-be employer
>wishes to court us in *our * arena, but none of us should have to
>censor our discussions for fear of retribution. How else can we
>effect change in the industry or raise professional standards if we
>cringe timidly in the face of ill-treatment? I sure wish someone had
>clued me in about the various agencies in town when I started out.

If I could take the liberty to point out...
I define "our arena" for the purposes of this list as ANYONE
students and teachers, employers and employees, contractors
and agencies, freelancers and "permanent" employees. Additionally,
this includes people writing computer documentation and
government reports, editing scientific articles and illustrating
manuals for heavy equipment manufacturers. Anyone.

Whoever you are, you suggest that black-listing is a bad
thing, yet you effectively do the same thing to a company
that hires technical writers. That's hardly playing fair.
I would propose that there are many ways to "effect change"
and "raise professional standards" other than your technique
(which seems to be simply making unsupported allegations
about the quality and actions of a consulting agency).

If you have real issues with a company, post a note to
the list asking for or volunteering opinions, off-line,
about said company.

(Open Comment: Bear in mind that anyone asking or
volunteering opinions about companies or individuals
could be your friend, your neighbor, your boss, or
the person in the cube next door. Don't bare your soul
unless you know who is getting the message.)

If you have issues that are somewhat sensitive but you'd
like to get some feedback anyway, drop me a note. I'll
be happy to post messages anonymously, as I've done
recently for one of the readers.

If, as you suggest, you're providing a service by cluing
readers in to the way things once might have been in
some people's opinions, consider more constructive means
of expressing yourself. What should you have asked that you
didn't? What might you have done differently had you
only known?

Because of the continued anonymity of this individual
and his (her?) complete disregard for my inquiries, I've
suspended posting privleges for this individual and sent
some inquiries to the postmaster@ several possible

If you want to be anonymous on the list, that's fine.
However, if you're going to post completely inflammatory
messages -- without redeeming factors such as providing
useful information on occasion -- I'd like to know who you are.


Eric J. Ray ejray -at- raycomm -dot- com
TECHWR-L Listowner

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