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Subject: Re: Chat..Job Postings
From: Paul Branchaud <paul -at- VEDGE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 14:50:52 -0400

I calculated Pi to the 1000th decimal and still hestitated to get into
this debate, but now I have no choice...

On Fri, 30 May 1997 Andie531 -at- AOL -dot- COM wrote:

> a professional recruiter who finds the responses from these
> lists invaluable...I take offense at the term "twit". It seems lately as if
> certain members are upset at our lack of creativity and style.

As soon as I saw the word "twit", I knew someone would be offended.
Intended as a flame or not, criticisms (or "thought-provoking
commentaries") of job postings are uncalled for. For every one critic, I
am certain there are at least two serious job-seekers.

The jobs that are posted to this list are done free of charge, and out of
the goodness (and resourcefulness) of the poster's heart. Please don't
slam them for trying to do *US* a favor. Those people who are upset with
the lack of an HR department's creativity, should perhaps consider if they
aren't lacking in creativity and originality themselves. If a job posting
properly uses English (or French, in my case), I will study its content
and the message contained within. I will not worry about the semantics or
possible oxymorons it might contain. If I see a posting that reads "R33L
K3WL J0B 4 U!", I will probably delete the job posting, but I won't "go
public", saying "Did you see the maroon who posted a job and used numbers
for letters?" What purpose does it serve?

It's quite simple. If you don't like the job posting (or the way it is
composed), don't apply for the job. Those of us who are looking for a job
(or are looking to develop our careers further) are handicapped by useless
commentaries on job postings. IMHO, editorial/grammatical/spelling
analyses of job postings have no place on the TECHWR-L list, please take
it to a more appropriate forum, where those posting won't feel as if they
are treading among lions.

> information out to you. Frankly, we are not interested in hearing from those
> that are so wrapped up in the wording, rather than the details of the job. If
> the intent of these continued criticisms is to stop our relevant
> postings...just tell us. We'll post them elsewhere.

Andie (and all other job posters), please don't stop. Although we may not
be as vocal as our critical counterparts, your postings are an invaluable
service, and we support you 110%.

Job posting slammers/critics/thought provokers, please stop. You are not
doing your professional counterparts any favors by trying to intimidate
those who kindly post jobs to this mailing list. The posting guidelines
stipulate that commenting on job postings is inappropriate; why keep it
up with each new post?

Paul (taking the elevator down from my soapbox)
Paul Branchaud "Men, do you fear that, one day, your
paul -at- vedge -dot- com wife will run her hands through your
Technical Writer hair... and you won't be there?!"
Visual Edge Software, Ltd. -- Richard Jeni (on hair loss)
--My opinions are rarely shared by Visual Edge and other smart folks--

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