Symbols on Web Pages

Subject: Symbols on Web Pages
From: Alexander Von_obert <avobert -at- TWH -dot- MSN -dot- SUB -dot- ORG>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 16:40:02 +0100

Hello Bill,

* Antwort auf eine Nachricht von BillDB -at- ILE -dot- COM an All am 04.08.97

BB> Registered trademark and copyright are
BB> (R) = &#174;
BB> (C) = &#169;

this only works if you exactly know the character set of the user's machine as
it is no more than a work-around for the (officially) non-existing high bit.

From my archive:

<!-- ********************************************************* -->
<!-- This file contains entity declarations for the accented -->
<!-- characters in IBM Codepage 437 mapping them to the ISO -->
<!-- names as defined in Goldfarb pp506 et seq -->
<!-- ********************************************************* -->
<!ENTITY dash "&amp;dash;">
<!ENTITY mdash "&amp;mdash;">
<!ENTITY hellip "&amp;hellip;">
<!ENTITY point "&amp;point;">
<!ENTITY amp "&">
<!ENTITY sp "&amp;sp;">
<!ENTITY odq "&amp;ldquo;" -- open direct quote -- >
<!ENTITY cdq "&amp;rdquo;" -- close direct quote -- >
<!ENTITY onq "&amp;lsquo;" -- open nested quote -- >
<!ENTITY cnq "&amp;rsquo;" -- close nested quote -- >
<!ENTITY dq "&amp;dq;" -- undifferentiated quotemark -->
<!ENTITY shy "&amp;shy;">

<!ENTITY aacute "&amp;aacute;" >
<!ENTITY acirc "&amp;acirc;" >
<!ENTITY aelig "&amp;aelig;" >
<!ENTITY Aelig "&amp;Aelig;" >
<!ENTITY agrave "&amp;agrave;" >
<!ENTITY aring "&amp;aring;" >
<!ENTITY Aring "&amp;Aring;" >
<!ENTITY auml "&amp;auml;" >
<!ENTITY Auml "&amp;Auml;" >
<!ENTITY Ccedil "&amp;Ccedil;" >
<!ENTITY ccedil "&amp;ccedil;" >
<!ENTITY cent "&amp;cent;" >
<!ENTITY eacute "&amp;eacute;" >
<!ENTITY Eacute "&amp;Eacute;" >
<!ENTITY ecirc "&amp;ecirc;" >
<!ENTITY egrave "&amp;egrave;" >
<!ENTITY euml "&amp;euml;" >
<!ENTITY florin "&amp;florin;" >
<!ENTITY fourth "&amp;fourth;" >
<!ENTITY half "&amp;half;" >
<!ENTITY iacute "&amp;iacute;" >
<!ENTITY icirc "&amp;icirc;" >
<!ENTITY igrave "&amp;igrave;" >
<!ENTITY iquery "&amp;iquery;" -- inverted questionmark -- >
<!ENTITY iuml "&amp;iuml;" >
<!ENTITY lgmt "&amp;lgmt;" -- left guillemet -- >
<!ENTITY ntilde "&amp;ntilde;" >
<!ENTITY Ntilde "&amp;Ntilde;" >
<!ENTITY oacute "&amp;oacute;" >
<!ENTITY ocirc "&amp;ocirc;" >
<!ENTITY ograve "&amp;ograve;" >
<!ENTITY ouml "&amp;ouml;" >
<!ENTITY Ouml "&amp;Ouml;" >
<!ENTITY peseta "&amp;peseta;" >
<!ENTITY pound "&amp;pound;" >
<!ENTITY rgmt "&amp;rgmt;" -- right guillemet -- >
<!ENTITY schwa "&amp;schwa;" -- really a beta -- >
<!ENTITY uacute "&amp;uacute;" >
<!ENTITY ucirc "&amp;ucirc;" >
<!ENTITY ugrave "&amp;ugrave;" >
<!ENTITY uuml "&amp;uuml;" >
<!ENTITY Uuml "&amp;Uuml;" >
<!ENTITY yen "&amp;yen;" >
<!ENTITY yuml "&amp;yuml;" >

Greetings from Germany,

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