Summary--Text Boundaries in Word95

Subject: Summary--Text Boundaries in Word95
From: Colleen Adams <PD33 -at- MEDISPAN -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 15:40:43 -0500

I got a request to summarize the responses I received on this problem:

Most everyone that responded said to check the paragraph spacing
before and after the paragraph (under Format, Paragraph, Indents and
Spacing); however, I had already done that--it said "0 pt" before and
after... mmm... PERPLEXING! I had also checked page layout, line
spacing, kerning, leading, styles, yada, yada, yada... still no answers!

I also had a suggestion to reapply my template--been there, done that...
problem STILL not solved! Had another suggestion to check
borders--again, no luck.

So, the ONLY suggestion that worked (thank you, Kim Cramer) was to
save the file as text only (*.txt) and go back into Word. That way, I didn't
have to re-type everything, but I still had to reapply all the styles and
formatting. This was a workable solution because there are some very
techie things in this document that we didn't want to have to re-type.

My guess...bug. (And I'm not surprised!)

Anyway, thanks for all your suggestions!

My original posting:
HELP! I've got a file that is putting huge amounts of space between
paragraphs! I've figured out that the problem has something to do with
"Text Boundaries" (using Tools, Options, View); however, I can't find out
how to change these (I've already consulted the help file and other
resident Word experts). The first page of the document is fine--it's every
page after that that's screwie. I can see these "boundaries" on the
screen but can't change them. (I've already tried copying everything in a
new file and deleting all text after the first page.)

Anyone out there had this problem? I'd really appreciate the help!

Colleen Adams
Medi-Span, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
colleen_adams -at- medispan -dot- com

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