IPCC 97/SIGDOC 97 Conference Announcement

Subject: IPCC 97/SIGDOC 97 Conference Announcement
From: "Deloach, Scott" <sdeloach -at- RPSPO2 -dot- ATLANTAGA -dot- NCR -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 16:42:12 -0400

Hello everyone.
Just a quick announcement about the IPCC 97/SIGDOC 97 Conference, including
a short description of the two groups and information about ordering the
IPCC Proceedings.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Scott DeLoach, IPCC 97 Co-Program Chair
scott -dot- deloach -at- pobox -dot- com


IPCC 97 Crossroads in Communication
Advance Program and Registration Information
October 22-25, 1997
in Salt Lake City, Utah
at Snowbird Conference Center and Resort

A Personal Invitation
IPCC 97 will be a linked conference with SIGDOC 97; we will have a day of
joint sessions where attendees can participate in sessions from either
conference. Additionally, we're providing a substantial discount if you
want to attend both conferences. (For more information about SIGDOC 97,
see http://www.acm.org/sigdoc/sigdoc97).

Both conferences feature a full program of papers, panel discussions,
demonstrations, case studies, and tutorials on these and other topics. In
addition, the conferences provide you an opportunity to network with other
professionals and to develop skills and share ideas relevant to your job.

A Quick Overview of SIGDOC
SIGDOC is a Special Interest Group for DOCumentation - a society of senior
communication professionals. Members are from all technical and scientific
disciplines, those who create documentation in the computing community and
those who use of computers to create documentation in many styles and

A Quick Overview of IEEE PCS
IEEE stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers;
however, IEEE has grown to include multiple interests concerning the field
of engineering including computer programming as well as technical
communication. The Professional Communication Society (PCS) is one of the
special interest groups within the umbrella organization called IEEE.

IPCC (International Professional Communication Conference) is an exciting
forum where communicators and engineers talk to each other about technical

Conference Highlights
IPCC 97 offers strong program designed to appeal to technical communicators
and individuals who work with the design and delivery of technical
information, whether you're a practitioner, researcher, educator, or
student. In addition to nearly 18 technical sessions and 35 presentations
to choose from, you can gain cutting-edge insights from numerous featured
speakers, including:

* Karen Schriver (keynote speaker), "New Literacies: New Challenges for
* a distinguished panel on Minimalism, including John Carroll, Ginny
Redish, Barbara Mirel, Stephanie Rosenbaum, Hans van der Miej, and JoAnn
* Mary Deaton, "The Future of Help Design"
* John Brockmann, "Do New Computer Technologies Mean The Creation of New
Documentation Methodologies?"
* Jonathan Price, "Using Complexity Theory to Understand What's Happening
to Technical Communicators"
* Saul Carliner, general session on exploring the future of technical
* Robert Krull, "Three Levels of Guidance in Technical Tutorials"
* Judith A. Ramey and David Farkas, "A Model for Organizational Web
* William M. Gribbons, "Designing for the Global Community"
* Bernadette Longo, "Who Makes Engineering Knowledge?: Changing Identities
of Technical Writers in the 20th Century United States"
* managers from Microsoft, Apple, Corel, and Sun Microsystems discussing
documentation crossroads

Registration Fees

Advanced Rate (by September 19, 1997)
Member $325
Nonmember $400
Student/Retiree $150
Two days of SIGDOC Conference (IEEE/PCS member) $125
Two days of SIGDOC Conference (nonmember) $200

Regular Rate (after September 19, 1997)
Member $400
Nonmember $475
Student/Retiree $400
Two days of SIGDOC Conference (IEEE/PCS member) $200
Two days of SIGDOC Conference (nonmember) $275

I Can't Make It - Can I Buy the Proceedings?
If you can't attend the conference and would like a copy of the IPCC 97
Proceedings, please send $45 plus $5 (in the US) or $13.00 for
postage/handling (rest of the world) to:

W. P. Kehoe
IPCC Finance & Registration Chair
13618 Hull Street Road, Suite 225
Midlothian, VA 23112

The Proceedings will feature over 50 full papers (almost 600 pages!)
covering a wide range of current technical communication issues. For a full
list of the sessions, please e-mail me at scott -dot- deloach -at- pobox -dot- com -dot-


Tell Me More!
For more information, look us up on the World Wide Web at

We have mailed out an advance progam to all IEEE/PCS members, although it
has been delayed by the UPS strike. If you are not a member of PCS or
SIGDOC, send an e-mail to me at scott -dot- deloach -at- pobox -dot- com and I will mail you
an advance program.

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