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Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 16:27:45 -0400

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Subject: Graphics Packages -- reply

Pardon me for posting this reply to the list, but if anyone has different
info on any of my answers to Beth's questions, please let me know. I've
used CorelDraw extensively, and I've used Photoshop a little bit. I'll do
my best:

1. An add-on to CD does this. It's called Corel Capture, and it captures
any element of a screen or the whole screen (you specify) with the press of
a function key (actually, I think you can specify the "vehicle" for the
capture, too). It's a great, simple, but thorough little program.
2. When I think of layers, I think of Pagemaker's capabilities with
layers. CD doesn't have the exact same setup, but you could certainly
emulate PM's effects and benefits of layers in CD. I could go into great
detail on this. . . !!
3. Yes, CD does this, but from what I've seen, Photoshop has better
features and capabilities in this area.
4. As far as I know, CD exports to anything, quickly and easily. I only
ever export to Word and RoboHelp, though, so I can't say for sure.
5. Yes, CD does it, but I'm thinking the answer to this question is the
same as #3.
6. Yep, CD does it.
7. Yep, you can import and export just about anything.
8. Yep!
9. Yep!
10. I'm not sure about brushes, but CD has a vast selection of textures
and patterns to enhance an image. Also, there are great text altering
11. Yes, I'm pretty sure CD can do all of this. Some of these effects
might be a little more manual than others. For example, I don't think
there's an automatic shadow feature. Instead, you have to duplicate (easy)
the image, color it the shade you want it (easy, you just select the image
and right click on the color you want to turn it), then rotate and skew the
image to resemble the shadow. It would take you about a minute. However,
despite having said all that, these features all seem like they would be
more functional and complete in Photoshop.
12-13. I've never had to do any of these, and I'm not sure I entirely
understand 13. I don't think CD has a color separations or a watermark
feature. . . However, I do think I could quickly and pretty easily emulate
these things with CD's other features.
14. Hate to flake on this one, but it would be better if you had a more
specific request. These items are infinite. The CD-ROMs that come with CD
have probably hundreds, maybe over a thousand graphics (I just looked at
the books -- it's way over a thousand, I'm sure) and the backgrounds,
textures, and fonts are numerous as well.
15. Yes.
16. Yes.
17. More than likely. Don't know why it wouldn't.

From what I can tell, Photoshop is better for -- but definitely not limited
to -- image altering, especially good for photograph-quality alteration.
CD is better for -- but again, NOT limited to -- creating your own images
from scratch. Hence, their names, I guess!! As for Micrografx, I haven't
a clue!

Hope this helps!

Hello All!
I'm putting together a comparative analysis of three different graphics
applications in an attempt to provide the powers that be with
information so they may make an intelligent decision when reviewing
graphics packages.
I have put together the following business requrements, but I am not
that familiar with all three applications. The three applications are
Micrografx Designer, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDRAW.
To those of you who have the time, would you please review the business
requirements and tell me if the application with which you are familiar
meets these needs?
1. Ability to capture on-screen windows, menus, or selected items to an
2. Create and edit separate layers of an image on which you can paint
and edit without changing the original background.
3. Ability to correct color, retouch, dodge, saturate color, mask and
change lighting effects.
4. Ability to export to page layout applications including MS Office
applications and FrameMaker.
5. Ability to apply filters and masks to distort, blur, smudge, sharpen,
or enhance an image.
6. Ability to select colors from a broad range of color tables and
7. Convert between TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, EPS, PCD, JPEG, DCS, PCS, Kodak
Photo CD and TGA.
8. Ability to convert between color modes including bitmap, grayscale,
duotone, indexed color, RGB, and CMYK.
9. Ability to drag and drop selections from within an image or another
10. Ability to enhance an image with brushes, textures, patterns, and
11. Ability to adjust, add, or delete brightness, contrast, hue,
saturation, color channels, shadows, and highlights.
12. Ability to adjust 4 color separations which are printed for paper
stock and printers.
13. Ability to watermark images including the ability to embed code
within graphics that provides copyright information to anyone even after
printing and scanning.
14. Provide sample textures, backgrounds, graphics, and fonts.
15. Performs in Windows 3.11.
16. Performs in Windows 95.
17. Performs in Windows NT.
Please respond to me personally at elizabeth_l_bailey -at- email -dot- mobil -dot- com
and thank you for taking the time!
(o o)
Elizabeth Bailey Application Doc. Specialist
Mobil Oil Corp Voice: (214) 658-5072
1201 Elm St, Rm 1013D FAX: (214) 658-4555
Dallas, Texas 75270 Email: elizabeth_l_bailey -at- email -dot- mobil -dot- com
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