"Food for thought" charitable cookbook

Subject: "Food for thought" charitable cookbook
From: geoff-h -at- MTL -dot- FERIC -dot- CA
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 13:56:41 -0500

Last year, not long before Christmas, I initiated a
collaborative project that led to the production of "Food
for Thought", a free for the downloading cookbook. Since
we'll soon be coming up on the time of year when people go
looking for inexpensive gifts (e.g., the typical Christmas
"stocking stuffer"), I thought I'd repost information on
the book early enough that your favorite charities can plan
a sales campaign in time for Christmas. It's not strictly
speaking a topic germane to the list, but since we're all
keenly interested in writing and literacy, I felt it might
still be appropriate. Details:

Some 50 editors from the copyediting-l mailing list
contributed enough recipes to fill an 80-page,
professionally laid out cookbook that we've donated to
charity. Any charitable cause can download the cookbook and
produce it at whatever level of quality their budget
permits: from 300 dpi laser plus photocopying, right up to
2400 dpi filmsetter plus offset printing and perfect
binding. Charities can sell the book and keep the proceeds
to fund their activities. There are no royalties and no
strings attached whatsoever, as this is a charitable
donation by the contributors. Our original goal was to
support literacy organisations (we _are_ writers and
editors, after all!), but any worthy charity (children's
charities, food banks) would be a suitable user of the

For a copy of the cookboook, tune your browser to:


and download to your heart's (this Hart's?) content. You'll
find two different sets of files: Adobe Acrobat PDF files,
which you need the Acrobat reader application (available at
www.adobe.com) to read and print, and postscript printer
files that you can copy to or download to any postscript
printer, including a filmsetter.

To catch any last-minute gremlins, have a look at the
output to be sure it's OK; for example, the Acrobat version
has a few mysteries remaining (e.g., curly quotes randomly
changed to straight quotes) but otherwise looks fine to us.
If you encounter a problem, let me know; I can send along
replacement pages on request.

One small glitch to fix next year: the book is formatted so
that it will fit two pages at a time (side by side in
landscape format) on 8.5 X 11 paper to reduce printing
costs. (Sadly, there's no obvious way to print both copies
directly onto the same sheet of paper at this point; you'll
have to leave that to a commercial printer or service
bureau, or do it manually.) If you're outside North America
and use A4 paper, this makes the headers and footers crop a
bit tightly. It's not a catastrophe, but neither is it the
optimal solution. You can probably print the files at a 95%
final size and get good results. If there's significant
demand for an A4 format version, I can work on this over
the next few weeks.

One request: If you do choose to use the cookbook for a
local charity, have their contact person drop me a line. I
try to keep track of who's using the book and where, so
that we can avoid the unpleasant prospect of two charities
competing for sales in the same city.

--Geoff Hart @8^{)} geoff-h -at- mtl -dot- feric -dot- ca
Disclaimer: Speaking for myself, not FERIC.

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