Re: quick request for help; changing printer's and formatting; angryboss

Subject: Re: quick request for help; changing printer's and formatting; angryboss
From: "Nagai, Paul" <pnagai -at- VISA -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:06:51 -0700

>Just had a nasty encounter with my new boss. I had mentioned that the
>format of a document will not be the same from printer to printer. He sorta
>exploded and responded that I don't know what I'm talking about. Any good
>source to back this up? Apparently my entirely credibility is on the line.

I guess it depends on the context of the comment to some degree.
However, if I understand your comment, the best example is that some
printers print to within .25" of left and right margins. Others only
come as close as .5" to each margin.

A .5" difference in line length will definitely cause the same text to
break after different words. If this happens on enough lines (sometimes
only one is required), words on one page from one printer might be on an
entirely different page when printed on another printer. When headers
move, or footnotes move because of changes like this ... it can be a BIG

If you expand the concept of "format" a bit from what I think you mean
you can find a LOT of differences FAST:

Some printers use ink, others use wax, most use toner. Dot matrix
printers have an entirely different look and feel (and sound, eh?). Some
printers can print 300dpi, some 600 dpi. Still others print 300
horizontally and 600 vertically. Some printers use color, others don't.
All of these factors change the look and feel of a document.

A Computer Shopper ought to substantiate much of this ...

A PC Magazine Printer issue will include samples.

Paul Nagai
Visa International
pnagai -at- visa -dot- com
650-432-3678 fax

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