Re: QUESTION: British vs. American spelling

Subject: Re: QUESTION: British vs. American spelling
From: Gail Gurman <gail -at- HOMEMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 18:46:18 +0000

>>>>> "MD" == M Dannenberg <midannen -at- si -dot- bosch -dot- de> writes:
MD> Yes, this sounds like complete bullshit to me too. So here's the
MD> question I'd like to put to our esteemed American colleagues: If you
MD> read a text that uses British spellings but is otherwise completely
MD> neutral,

MD> a) does it bother you?
MD> b) does it somehow impede your comprehension?

It doesn't bother me, per se--in fact, being an anglophile, I quite
like it--but it can be distracting. It takes me out of what I'm
reading. It's similar to the way a badly written phrase in an
otherwise good novel can break the reader's illusion of being in the

If you're describing a feature of your software, you want your
reader's attention to be on that feature, not what spelling you use.

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